Welcome to mysalon…

“mysalon” is a modern, online version of the literary salons of old. It is a place where you are invited to gather for inspiration. It is here partly for entertainment, in part for education and always for encouragement and enlightenment. Within the walls of mysalon, you will find definition and description for the style of publication my1creation has to offer. It is a brief but ever-evolving way of saying, “This is what we do.”

Hopefully, you’ve already read the bio of our hostess, Jaye, on the “mystory” page. Click one tab over to the right on the “mystyle” page to dive into the articles that will give you firsthand experience of my1creation. Go to our “mystore” page to subscribe to The JAYEzine and click on the “myschedule” tab to “have a cup of coffee with us.” Now scroll down to get better acquainted with our genre, catchphrases and products. We appreciate your presence. Enjoy!


Journey Above Your Expectations and The JAYEzine…

Some of the best movies I’ve ever seen, I watched with no expectations. These were usually the ones that I saw no trailer, heard no buzz or spoilers. I went into it without preconceived notions, the influence of friends or the critics’ reviews. I was open to experience whatever the storyteller had to offer and formed my own opinion afterward. On the other hand, I’ve been let down by a film after much public hype or sorely disappointed when the best parts were shown in the commercial. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by a less popular “B” movie that was released inconspicuously. I feel life is often the same way.

We wake up in a bad mood or whistling Dixie and we take that as the prelude for our day. We begin to encounter the day and life gives us an exact return on what we expected. Or perhaps something unexpected happens that breaks up our daily routine. Either way, good or bad, our expectations had their way with us. By the time the end credits roll and we lay our heads on the pillow, not only do we feel our life is like a movie, but add the emotional rollercoaster and now we’re living like a simulated-motion-ride at an amusement park (jerks and nausea included). When this is our reality, how do we enjoy our movie-ride life? Or do we accept the fact that we are the person who sits it out and holds everyone else’s belongings while they go on screaming or laughing? Are these our only options? What if there was another way to experience the thrill of an exciting life, but with the peace of mind that affects us in a positive way? We believe there is a way.

Unlike popular advice that says, “Set expectations high” or “Lower your expectations” or even “Let go of your expectations,” we say none of these. Instead, we say, “J.A.Y.E. — Journey Above Your Expectations.” What does that mean you ask? It’s not a question that can be answered in a short sound bite. It is the question we will explore throughout our journey together. For now, let’s say it is about responding appropriately to the plot twists of life and receiving God’s Grace when you don’t handle things so well. And since we can’t be with you personally to point out every J.A.Y.E. moment, we created The JAYEzine. Like a good soundtrack, The JAYEzine is an e-zine you purchase to accompany you on the motion picture of your life. Go to our “mystore” page to begin the Journey Above Your Expectations now.



Visionary Fiction and ViFi Characters

Defining a genre is not a simple task especially when it is a burgeoning one. Though Visionary Fiction– as a literary category– has a long history, it is only recently that the term has found its way into mainstream language. The my1creation publications are proudly categorized Visionary Fiction as they highlight characters that personify the principles of personal growth and development and facilitate real life transformation in audiences.

As the debut publication of my1creationThe JAYEzine primarily consists of non-fiction articles, however Visionary Fiction is introduced in the column entitled ViFi Available Here. The name of this column is a play on contemporary concepts: ViFi represents the first two letters in Visionary Fiction and our connection to the world digitally through WiFi as well as the importance of having access to it. The articles in ViFi Available Here are essentially character profiles that Jaye created to expose “negative” personality traits that most people don’t or won’t admit to having. It is presented in fiction form in an effort to inspire readers to relate personally to the characters when appropriate and motivate them to resolve identifiable issues without criticism. These muses of self-awareness are notably named ViFi Characters and you can get to know them and yourself a little more by visiting the “mystyle” page.     


 jaye kaye comedy café

There’s always a need to take a break and rest from all the deep stuff of life. So we decided to shake things up a bit and have a comedy section in the JAYEzine called “jaye kaye comedy café.” We held auditions for a “Standing O”… Standing Ovation that is… and many characters showed up. They all were good in their own unique way, but only one could host our spot. Performing live here, please welcome the best “O” for the job… The Dancing O! And remember we’re jaye kaye… jUST kIDDING…